Re-thinking how irrigation records are kept.

Our aim is to build a simple tool everyone on the farm can use. A tool that is always within reach and easy to run. Yesterday's notebook, enhanced with today's technology.


What is Water Meter Log?

Water Meter Log is a web-based application that allows you to keep track of your water meters, helping you to make decisions with watering schedules, and to provide a quick and easy method of recording readings and data related to irrigation.

Always know just how much water and time you have remaining in your allocation by just logging into the app. The dashboard gives a quick and specific view of the most useful information related to your meters.

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Yearly Reporting

Quick Readings

Sharing and Collaboration

Pooled Allocations

Detailed Dashboard

Mobile Ready


Why Use Water Meter Log?

Water Meter Log is built with the grower in mind. Features are designed to accommodate all meters and usage conditions. Get rid of that notebook or excel sheet and make recording your water usage easy and stress free.

It’s common for irrigation duties to be divided among multiple personnel, and Water Meter Log supports just that. Saving time is important and sharing meters with others makes the farm more efficient. Easily share meters with others to allow them to assist in entering readings and maintaining records. All readings and usage are made instantly available, so you can have up to the minute details and calculations.

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Make tracking water allocations easy over your entire operation.

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