Paramount Reports Helps Trusted Advisors and Growers Communicate

April 23rd, 2018

Paramount Reports Joins the list of agX Compliant Software and Aims to Provide Clear Grower / Advisor Communications

Ag Developer, a Kansas based software development company, is simplifying Grower/Advisor communications by connecting to the agX Platform. Ag Developer, is dedicated to providing simple, effective solutions to common ag issues.

After interviewing hundreds of growers and advisors across the the U.S. it was evident that there was a desire for advanced reporting functions. Ag Developer identified three issues common to most all of those interviewed:

  • First was the need for concise reports.
    Growers have more and more items requiring their attention. Data and technology are among those items competing for attention during a busy day. Everyone recognizes the need for information, but it must be relevant, concise, and actionable. Paramount Reports helps communicate and prioritize the important items during the whirlwind of a busy farming season.
  • Second was that growers and advisors communicate in a variety of ways.
    Some prefer printed reports, some prefer texting reports, others like to use apps. It was evident that Paramount Reports must be adaptable. It will easily support a variety of delivery methods.
  • Finally, to support service providers, Paramount Reports needed to be efficient to use.
    Advisors are busy. Speeding up even the simplest of processes makes a difference on long days. Paramount Reports functionality allows for automated report generation, filing, and storage which shaves precious time out of a busy schedule. Along with the efficiencies Paramount Reports provides for the Advisor there are additional perks for administrators to assist in setup and provide insights into organizational activities.

Organizations already using agX compliant software like SST Summit or Sirrus can easily connect their agX accounts to Paramount Reports by signing up for a free trial at