Find problem areas in your fields with actionable, in-season satellite imagery.

Easily integrate your imagery
with software
including SST Summit® and Sirrus®


What is Paramount Imagery?

Paramount Imagery is a complete satellite imagery reporting tool designed to effortlessly deliver timely and actionable satellite imagery on all acres for both growers and service providers, allowing quick identification of problem areas.

Why use Paramount Imagery?

Satellite Imagery is an essential tool in determining overall health and performance of your crops.

Paramount Imagery makes it easy. Paramount connects directly to your agX account and pulls in your growers, farms, and fields and their associated data. The app then provides concise, organized, and colorized reports.

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Paramount puts you in control

You choose how the report is designed by creating reports at the grower, farm, or field level.

Easily report over multiple image dates or deliver a report for every image date, creating a comprehensive outlook of any field.

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Professional Satellite Imagery Reports

Our clean and unique reports take out the guesswork.

Each report includes a cloud cover image to determine if shadows are affecting the field image, as well as a fixed color scale that gives growers a consistent look at their fields from image date to image date.

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Complete Customization

Personalized logos and report headers, custom client/farm/field print orders, and various customizable reports. All reports are in PDF format and are easy to print or share.

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Unlimited Storage/Sharing

Paramount Imagery does all the heavy lifting with your imagery. Processing of images is done on our servers. Once the image is processed, it is instantly delivered to your Report Library.

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Quality Support

Timely software updates that quickly add new functionality and a knowledgable and experienced technical support staff dedicated to prompt, reliable service.

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